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Can Blind people Dream?

Can blind people dream? Yes. They dream about Awesome. Alright. Dreams are a collection of images, events or sensations. Which we see or feel in our daily lives. Now, whether a blind person can see in his dreams or not. Depends on when he lost his vision. If he lost his vision in the later stage of his life. Then his brain would use visual information stored in his memories to create dreams. But the same wouldn’t happen if an individual is blind since birth. This is because his brain has never received any visual information. So instead, his dreams would get their content from memories of. Sound, smell, touch, etc. which he perceives in his everyday life. However, another science experiment showed results contrary to this. In that experiment, people who were blind since birth were able to draw their dreams. Thus proving that they not only sense or feel, but also see in their dreams. Why do we dream? So that we can eat without getting fat. No. For centuries, experts are trying to find the actual purpose of dreams. But still no one has any concrete answer. One theory proposed by Sigmund Freud states that we dream to fulfill our wishes. Dreams are a representation of our unconscious desires, thoughts, etc. Each image in a dream has some meaning. As these thoughts are not expressed consciously, they find their way via dreams. Another theory called Threat Stimulation suggests that. Dreams should be seen as a defense mechanism. For example, nightmares put us in threatening situations. Allowing us to practice our fight or flight response. Which can be helpful in real life events. A theory called Activation-Synthesis suggests that dreams don’t mean anything. During REM stage of sleep, certain circuits in the brain get activated. When the brain tries to synthesize and make sense of these signals. It results in dreams. Wake up, Wake up Dude. You’re dreaming. Humans dream during their rapid eye movement stage of sleep or REM sleep. In a research, the brain activity pattern of a rat running for some cheese. And the one during its REM sleep was found to be similar. Moreover, a singing bird’s brain activity while singing. And while in its REM sleep also showed similarity. Indicating that perhaps animals dream of their daily activities. What is color blindness? A color festival. No. Color blindness or color deficiency is a vision problem. Now, Our eyes have light sensitive cells called rods and cones. Can I put ice cream on these cones? Oh. You are just unbelievable. Rods are responsible for black and white vision. They do not detect color. Whereas cones detect color. There are three types of cones. One cone perceives red light, another perceives green and the third perceives blue. Together these cones help us to see the whole spectrum of colors. Now in some cases. When one or more types of cones do not work properly, it causes color blindness. People with such deficiency have difficulty. In distinguishing between certain colors or shades.